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Causes of carpal tunnel syndrome are 1, Hypothyroidism, 2, Diabetes, 3, Pregnancy, 4, Rheumatoid arthritis, 5, Repetetive use of wrist. 6, Typing work.
We provide Physiotherapy
We provide Physiotherapy Home Visits and Physiotherapy Treatment to the following conditions 1, Elderly fall prevention 2, post operative fractures, 3, soft tissue injuries 4, Joint pains 5, Stroke physiotherapy, 6, Spine Physiotherapy.
Best knee physiotherapy e
Best knee physiotherapy exercises are 1, Short arc quadriceps, 2, Straight leg raises, 3, Dynamic quadriceps exercise. Consult our physiotherapists at Cure Rehab to learn those technically well and practice well for better results.
Common causes of Plantar fascitis are 1, Walking on the barefoot 2, wearing improper shoes, 3, overweight, 4, Having flat foot or High arched foot 5, Those who walk , stand or run for long periods of time, 6, who have calf tightness
Muscular Dystrophy is an
Muscular Dystrophy is an X-linked disease. mostly Males are effected, The ratio of the Disease is 1 in 1000 In Muscular Dystrophy replication of DNA is abnormal, so that there will be a sudden mutation in genes, soon patient develops sudden symptoms like Muscular weakness Poor balance Respiratory difficulty Cardiomyopathy NOW the Muscular Dystrophy is managing by PHYSICAL and OCCUPATIONAL therapy.