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The Best Home Physiotherapy service provided at Cure Rehab.We recruit Qualified and minimum of 5 + yrs of experienced Physiotherapists.We serve 90% areas of Hyderabad.The best part is, it is supervised by our Senior Physiotherapist Dr Vinoth..He checks the progression on video call.
Spondylitis symptoms are Pain in the neck, stiffness in the neck unable to move freely, pain in the shoulder blades, Cervical headache, Giddiness, Pain rdiating to the arms, Tingling and numbness in the fingers, loss of strength in the arms, sometimes losing balance.These symptoms might vary from person to person depending on their disease severity.Here at Cure Rehab you will find Experienced Physiotherapists to check you thoroughly and guide to overcome this problem effectively.
Time after a surgery requires a lot of care and adequate attention for which both home and home-like medication are needed. CureRehab, post surgery rehabilitation centre in Hyderabad, is one such place where patients can come for home-like treatment in day time and can return home after a few hours. Check more about us here:
CureRehab, one of the best rehabilitation centres in Hyderabad, offers you a blend of services. If you or your dear one has underwent a surgery, fracture or a stroke and is looking for a place where they could day-time homely care and home in the evening, CureRehab is the place you should check out. Visit us here:
Any post fractural surgery calls for an enormous amount of delicate look after which is often not possible at home. To bridge the gap between homely atmosphere and hospitals, CureRehab, the best post surgery rehabilitation centre is here to provide you homely treatment in their day care services. Do check us out here: