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INPATIENT REHABILITATION Services are provided to the following conditions Post Hip/Knee Replacement Brain Injury ACL Surgery Brain Stroke (Paralysis) Post Operative Fractures Spinal Cord Injury Back/Neck pain Cerebral Palsy Bed Ridden Patient Parkinson’s disease Spinal cord injuries Brain Stroke Rehabilitation.
The main aim of CURE REHAB Inpatient rehabilitation is to maximize the recovery process with a customized treatment care programme.We treat neurological conditions such as Brain and Spinal cord injury or illnesss; parkinsons disease, knee or hip replacement; amputation, Post traumatic fractures. Our expert rehabilitation professionals are committed to helping you return to your previous level of function.
Common orthopaedic surgeries requiring post operative care are 1, Shoulder dislocation, 2, Shoulder fracture, 3, Rotator cuff repair, 4, colles fracture, 5, Carpal tunnel release, 6, Hip Replacement, 7, Hip fracture, 8, Knee Replacement, 9, ACL Reconstruction, 10, Patella fracture, 11, ;Laminectomy, 12, Ankle fracture
Need of the Hour for Reha
Need of the Hour for Rehabilitation:- Post hospitalization rehab services are almost non-existent in India. Presently patients requiring rehab services are either opting for physiotherapy, nursing, bedside attendants and Doctor which cost them more and more ever they lack the rehabilitation infrastructure of equipments etc, . or prefer staying in hospital for long period where risk of infections from critically ill patients are high and also expensive. To fill this gap, Cure Rehab and Home Health LLP had started a rehabilitation centre with all services under one roof. This kind of rehab facility greatly benefits the patients and ca be called as a transition care or post hospitalization rehab centre between hospital and home. Majority of patients requiring rehab services are Brain stroke, Spinal cord disease or injury, Multiple trauma, Hip, Knee replacements, Post operative fractures.
Physiotherapy Home visits is provided by our Cure Rehab Team for the following conditions. 1, Post operative fractures Hip/Knee Replacements 3, Elderly mobility problems 4, Pain management 5, post surgical conditions We provide the above services through our qualified expertise physiotherapy team in hyderabad