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'neuro physiotherapist dr vinoths appointment'
Neuro Physiotherapist Dr Vinoths appointment can be booked via our website, and Dr Vinoth is available at Begumpet branch, Cure Rehab from 9AM TO 2PM AND 4PM TO 8 PM.
We are offering Free Consultation charges worth 350rs and 20%discount on the standard treatment charges tariff card.These Consultations are seen by Dr Vinoth kumar Senior physiotherapy consultant Specialised in Neuro P[hysiotherapy For the Month of June 2018.You call book your appointment on
Where can i find Post hospitalisation Rehabilitation centre at Hyderabad? Cure Rehab is one of the post hospitalisation Rehab centres in Hyderabad run by Dr Vinoth who is a Neuro Physiotherapist practicing since 18 yrs. What kind of support and care do we get at Rehab centre? Patients get good Physiotherapy sessions, Nursing support, Bedside assistants and Physician monitoring during the stay.
Stroke Rehabilitation is
Stroke Rehabilitation is part of Neuro Rehabilitation.Cure Rehab centre is focussing more on Neuro Rehabilitation therapies.Most of the patients who approaches us for Brain stroke Rehabilitation.Dr Vinoth kumar is Neuro Physiotherapist with 18 yrs of experience leads the team here at Cure Rehab.
Free Physiotherapy and Re
Free Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation consultation camp.on 10th September 10am to 3pm organised by Cure Rehab.Consult our Senior physiotherapist Dr vinoth and his team at Begumpet location in hyderabad.