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What is a Post hospitalisation Rehab centre?Is it a hospital?Does it have a hospital atmosphere? After major surgery patients gets discharge from the hospital and recommended to stay in a Rehab centre for few weeks to months for the better recovery of the patients. Here at Cure Rehab centre, We have home like atmosphere with lot of open space and garden to sit and relax which is very important for the further recovery of the patients.
Cure Rehab facility is located in Begumpet in a quiet peaceful atmosphere which helps in the faster recovery of stroke Rehabilitation.
The aim of our rehab facility is to provide the client a personalized treatment care plan in a home like environment for their speedy recovery with the dedicated team of professionals and the well equipped Rehab infrastructure helping to bounce back to their regular life with a maximum level of satisfaction both physically and mentally.
Brain stroke occurs when the blood supply to the brain is interrupted or reduced.It can be of two types one is Ischaemic and Haemorrhagic. Post brain stroke recovery depends directly on the Stroke Rehabilitation process. Stroke rehabilitation helps to recover and regain to the maximum possible independence and quality of life.Without proper rehab process, the results are poor.So stroke Rehabilitation process is a must for every Brain stroke patient.
Clinical uses of Low level laser therapy is many in Physiotherapy treatment proceedures..It is an attractive modality for the treatment of athletes, especially those involved in professional sports, due to the prospect of shorter recovery and lay off tmes. Treatment of chronic and acute musculoskeletal disorders is the most common clinical application of Low level laser therapy.